Winners of MEP Awards announced

30 September 2010
Released by: The Parliament Magazine
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The Parliament Magazine is pleased to announce the results of this year's MEP Awards which took place on Wednesday 29 September at the Concert Noble in Brussels.

More than 300 guests turned out on the night for the awards, which are now in their sixth year, to enjoy beer and wine generously supplied by the Brewers of Europe and Spanish wine regulators CECRV (the Conferencia Española de Consejos Reguladores Vitivinícolas).

Catherine Stihler, the Parliament Magazine's MEP editor, who hosted the event said, "We hope that by highlighting the areas in which MEPs work so hard, a few can be rewarded for an extra special contribution. Let us take a moment to congratulate all of those that were nominated and shortlisted. It is important for members to be recognised for their achievements. If we don't recognise an MEP's efforts, then no-one will. The majority of MEPs are hard working and committed individuals and their contributions should be honoured in the awards."

Speaking on behalf of Eva-Britt Svensson, the winner of the outstanding contribution award, the political advisor to parliament's FEMM committee Azadeh Jafari said, "This prize is for all women who have struggled for gender equality and justice over the decades in order to build a better society for all - women, men and children."
Images of the winners are available to view via the website. For high resolution images please contact Alexander Ljungblom +32(0)2 285 0913


Here's what the winners had to say on receiving their awards:

Sylvie Goulard: ALDE France
"As an individual you do not count. You only count when you work in a team so I want to thank everybody that has been working with me."

Brian Simpson: S&D UK
"Brian Simpson is doing an excellent job as chair of the transport committee," Hungarian Socialist MEP Zita Gurmai, accepting the award on Simpson's behalf

Gay Mitchell: EPP Ireland
"Gay is a wonderful person and a member of our EPP party with a real social conscience. I will be delivering it back to him in Dublin tomorrow if he's still standing after his daughter's wedding," Irish EPP deputy Jim Higgins, accepting the award on Mitchell's behalf

Katarína Neveďalová: S&D Slovakia
"This is much better than winning an Oscar. I would like to thank all the people that are with me, all the people in my team and my political group in the European parliament. But also I would like to dedicate this award to all the young people in the EU. This shows that the EU cares for young people."

Edite Estrela: S&D Portugal
"I'm very proud and would like to congratulate all the nominees. I dedicate this prize to European women."

Antonyia Parvanova: ALDE Bulgaria
"I would like to thank all my colleagues - not only for cooperating but also for contradicting because this helps us find the truth and solutions. I would also like to thank the people in my office for being able to survive what I'm doing to them - this award is for all of you that are working with me - and the man who is still next to me and loving me after not seeing me at all."

Jo Leinen: S&D Germany
"I would like to thank my assistants and the NGOs - because without them parliament would not be able to work like this. This prize is for all those people in the world who have big hopes that the European parliament can set standards for good quality of environment and for saving the atmosphere."

Kriton Arsenis: S&D Greece
"I would like to thank the people that have helped - without them it would be impossible. Of 186 fish stocks, we expect that by 2020 only six will be healthy. So as you can imagine there's still a lot to do."

Edit Herczog: S&D Hungary
"I received this award for the fight against counterfeiting. Due to the crisis, millions of jobs have been lost. But in the last 10 years, there have been millions more lost due to counterfeiting and piracy. When I joined the European parliament I promised my voters that I would fight for all working people and this is what I'm doing. I dedicate this award to everyone working to make Europe successful in the 21st century."

Malcolm Harbour: ECR UK
"I accept this award on behalf of all the members of parliament's internal market and consumer protection committee because we work very well together and have made a great difference in our first year. I'm the first committee chairman from the ECR group - and I hope I will not be the last to receive an award for the ECR. It's a great year for us - an award for the first committee chairman and, far more important, a Conservative government in the UK."

Mario Mauro: EPP Italy
"This is a great honour. I am also very proud in my role as head of the Italian delegation. Times are changing for us."

Gaston Franco: EPP France
"Gaston Franco has been working on forestry politics, climate change and biodiversity. He was delighted to receive this award after his first year in the European parliament, and appreciated the honour especially considering he was competing with Jim Nicholson and Paolo De Castro. He will continue to work on this vital domain for the planet, which is something particularly close to his heart," French EPP deputy Jean-Pierre Audy, accepting the award on Franco's behalf

Bogusław Sonik: EPP Poland
"A united Europe began with the building of the European coal and steel community. Now it's time to build our continent's energy solidarity. We must become independent from supplier blackmail. What's more, our main task is to make the EU a leader in renewable technologies, or green energy."

Eva-Britt Svensson: GUE Sweden
"I'm very happy, proud and extremely grateful to receive this prize. It's really an honour. This prize is for all women who have struggled for gender equality and justice over the decades in order to build a better society for all - women, men and children," Azadeh Jafari, political adviser to parliament's Femm committee, accepting the award on Svensson's behalf.


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