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A Slovak Court Confirms Discrimination of Top Female Researcher by National Forest Centre



The Zvolen District Court in Slovakia issued a long-awaited ruling on Friday, 17 March 2017, in the case of Viera Petrášová, a senior researcher and sworn expert in forestry, against her former employer, public quasi-budgetary agency National Forest Centre (Národné lesnícke centrum – NLC). The court ruled that the NLC’s 2009 decision on her dismissal was invalid, including for being discriminatory. Viera Petrášová (the “applicant”) has been represented in the proceedings pending before courts since 2009 by the NGO Citizen, Democracy and Accountability (CDA).

The decision is groundbreaking because, despite antidiscrimination legislation being in place in Slovakia since 2004, there are still precious few cases when courts have decided about discrimination against women on grounds of sex and gender. This, however, does not mean there are few women subject to discrimination, quite the contrary.

The ruling is notable for examining the discrimination against a female employee of a public research institution regarding several aspects. For example, one such interesting aspect concerns the allowance in public institutions of opportunities for employees to submit and coordinate outside projects often funded by public resources (including EU funds); in other words, an opportunity for the employees’ further career growth and, quite often, better pay. The court also comments on employers’ obligation to prevent discrimination – a very rare, yet progressive approach in Slovakia. Čítajte viac

The SRI’s National Sexual Rights Law and Policy Database is now live!


The Sexual Rights Initiative announced that the National Sexual Rights Law and Policy Database is now live! is a one-stop-shop for national Constitutions, laws and policies related to sexual rights, including reproductive rights and sexual and reproductive health. Users can search by country or issue and can compare across countries. Čítajte viac

Four fundamental rights issues to consider in EU safe countries list


European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

Safe countries of origin are the asylum seekers’ countries of nationality where there is no risk of persecution. Member States compile lists of these countries to help fast track asylum applications. However, they differ widely in which countries are included in national lists. Their approaches to handling asylum applications from these countries also varies. This has partly led to a European Commission proposal to establish an EU common list of safe countries of origin which the European Parliament asked FRA to comment on. Čítajte viac